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Things to Do Near Mary Hunt House B&B
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Kitchen Theater company

The Kitchen Theater Company is a very fun place to go to. It is also a fun program to be a part of. The Kitchen Theater Company is a fun place for watching plays. There have been many plays that have been performed here at our theater.

Many fundraisers have been going on for many years and we would love for you to donate things to us. By donating you can do battles of lip syncing challenges, there is a holiday game show that is hosted in the winter. There are many sponsors who sponsor everyone of these fundraisers. It is a blast to see everyone come together and have so much fun!

Kitchen Sink Performers are performers who get the opportunity to be able to perform on a real stage and a professional stage. They get to experience something that many people will not get to experience. It is totally worth it so come up and audition to be a part of a play.

You can get the opportunity to volunteer to usher the plays that currently are playing. Ushering for the Kitchen is a fun, free way to get involved and fill an important role. Plus if you usher for us you can get to see our shows for free. We are looking for people to usher who will distribute programs, people who will be comfortable using ticket scanners, comfortable directing patrons, demonstrate a warm, welcoming and personable attitude, redirect patrons entering too early or from getting lost around the theater. You must be able to arrive at least 45 minutes before your designated show time, and stay after the show to make sure that the theater is clean and cleared out.
We also have an art gallery you can visit to look at the paintings. We would love to see you come in!